Cornel Catalin GAVRILA, Radu VELICU

Volume XXIII (XIII), 2014/1

Virtual Modeling of mechanical structures as multibody systems, with a minimum number of bodies, in the aim of real time simulation of the product dynamic behavior, using computer performing software, is a necessity. For a company, it saves time in product developing, reduces the number of physical prototypes and experiments, reduces the prices of product and also, increases the quality of product. The paper presents aspects regarding the modeling of a mobile coupling as multibody system, using ADAMS. First there is presented the coupling parts geometry 3D modeling. Then are defined the geometrical and kinematical restrictions between the parts. Finally, there are presented some aspects about the simulation and the results of this. In the final part of the paper, there are presented the conclusion.

Keywords: Mobile transversal coupling, multibody system, geometrical and kinematical constraints, virtual modeling, simulation

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"