Alexandru SZEL, Constantin BUNGAU, Macedon GANEA, Florin BLAGA, Tiberiu VESSELENY

Volume XXIV (XIV), 2015/3

The complexity of operative fabrication planning, especially in the case of series production, requires a high volume of calculation. The frequent changes of batches require the recalculation of the fabrication cycles with time-consuming operations. In this paper we developed a new algorithm which allows the calculation of the fabrication cycles directly on a component level without the necessity of operation level calculations. In order for this to work it is crucial to memorize on a component level information about the component’s technology. Like this the fabrication cycle can be calculated online for any type of fabrication batch. The algorithms can be used in the contractual phase in order to estimate the delivery timeline, in the fabrication preparation phase in order to estimate the required capacity and workforce, as well as in the fabrication programming and reprogramming phase when different simulation can be made with different priority variants, different capacity allocations with variance efficiency analysis. Through the definition of specific data structures for the presented relations, we demonstrate that the computer assisted operative programming approach is possible in the machine building industry, even on an enterprise level. With these conditions it is ensured a superior quality of the decision system, the accumulated experience is suggesting the realization of a methodological framework in this field.

Keywords—manufacturing, machine building, informatics

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"