Mariana RATIU

Volume XXIV (XIV), 2015/3

This paper shows, after a review of the importance and necessity of entrepreneurial education into current social and economic context, an example or a model for implementation it, namely Simulated Enterprise. The Simulated Enterprise (also known as the Virtual Enterprise or the Practice Enterprise) is a virtual company that runs like a real one. In Romania, simulated enterprises are integrated into a national network of training firms / simulated enterprises, coordinated by ROCT (ROmanian Coordination Centre of Training Firms), affiliated with the EUROPEN-PEN International Practice Enterprises Network. During the period 2008-2015, the evolution of the number of Romanian simulated enterprises was one ascending, and in present students from all programs of study develop activities in the 150 active simulated enterprises, which cover the various fields of activity. There are presented stages of the foundation of the simulated enterprises and the responsibilities of simulated enterprises authorized.

Keywords—competencies, education, entrepreneurship, simulated enterprise

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"