Flavia PALADE, Corneliu DRUGA, Ileana ROSCA

Volume XXV (XV), 2016/1

This paper presents a low-cost solution for an intelligent cervical collar by improving an existing cervical collar. It will achieve total immobilization of the cervical spine, using an immobilizer extended system for head and superior thoracic vertebrae. Because this intelligent cervical collar is provided with a system for monitoring vital functions, doctors work will be simplified so, after fitting neck brace, they can turn their attention to other priority needs or injuries of the patient. The intervention time will be reduced and the efficiency increased. This collar is provided with sensors which will retrieve information from the body to be displayed on the thin-film transistor screen (TFT) attached to this medical device. The TFT will display the pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, Electrocardiography graph(EKG), level of tightness, patient temperature and degree of humidity. Also,this collar is provided with sound and light warning a system designed to warn physicians about the patient's condition.

Keywords—Arduino, cervical collar, sensors, CAD model.

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"