Analysis of supporting indicators for innovation in Romania compared to neighboring EU countries


Bungau Constantin, Gherghea Ion Cosmin

The paper presents a comparative study of indicators which targeting the facilities and support for the innovation process. The study targets indicators regarding human resources, support structure / infrastructure and legislative provisions. The analysis is carried out over the last 5 years, comparing the indicators in Romania and the neighboring countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Poland) and highly developed countries (Germany and France). Based on this study, will be drawing conclusions for improvement of these indicators. The indicators that will be taken into consideration are: Availability of scientists and engineers, Researchers, Quality of the education system, Researchers in Research and Development, Research and development expenditure, Firm-level technology absorption, University-industry collaboration in Research & Development, Quality of scientific research institutions, Gross domestic spending on Research and Development, Property rights, Intellectual property protection.

innovation, EU

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"