Optimizing the control system of a single-axis sun tracking mechanism


Cătălin Alexandru

The work shows the optimization of the control system for the single-axis solar tracker that equips a solar panel, with the aim to increase the energetic efficiency of the system by maximizing the quantity of incident solar radiation that is captured - absorbed by the panel. The single-axis solar tracker is driven by a linear actuator, the optimization study intending to determine the optimal configuration (in terms of tuning factors) of the controller, which is a PID (Proportional- Integral-Derivative) device, in order to accurately achieve the motion (tracking) law imposed on the solar panel. The solar tracker was approached as a mechatronic system, the mechanical device (developed in ADAMS - Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems) and the control system (developed in EASY5 - Engineering Analysis System) being integrated at the level of virtual prototype, in the concurrent engineering concept.

control system, single-axis, sun tracking, mechanism

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"