Contributions on experimental research of fuel consumption and management system in K9K892 Diesel engine from Dacia-Renault


Doru Baldean, Adela-Ioana Borzan

The present paper develops an experimental study that highlights some aspects of fuel consumption in engine’s cylinders in order to outline the influence of engine’s management system and operating conditions upon economy and fuel consumption, with corresponding effect on sustainability and adequate socio-economic development. The present work makes a theoretical and applied enquiry in the system features from Euro 5 diesel engine management in relation with fuel consumption and different driving scenarios. There were closely monitored engine temperatures, driving stiles and the values displayed ON-BOARD-DIAGNOSIS screens. The importance and opportunity for experimental inquiry of the fuel consumption and economy problems in compression ignited engine resides in the state of the art equipment and managing systems available today for monitoring all the engine’s activities and for making possible to outline the economical operating regime, in order to reduce undesired losses. The experimental data are analyzed in detail.

fuel consumption, K9K892, diesel

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"