Contribution to experimental research of alternate fuel fumigation in single cylinder research diesel engine


Doru Baldean, Dan Moldovanu, Adela-Ioana Borzan

The advanced engineering scientific paper encompass the problem of supplying fuel in engine’s combustion chamber in order to outline the influence of operating regime and fumigation method upon injection and fuel consumption. It develops a theoretical and experimental approach of the system components from Lombardini compression ignited engine test bench in relation with consumption and fumigation parameters. There was monitored engine speed, dynamic behaviour at some distinct operating loads. The opportunity for experimental research of the fumigation method in compression ignited engine resides in the state of the art technology accessible today for alternate fuel supply inside engine through this process. The results are analysed and discussed in detail. The fuel fumigation method is applicable to the presented engine and leads to some positive behaviour in operation.

alternate fuel fumigation, diesel

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"