Automatic fuel tank monitoring, tracking & theft detection system


Komal D/o Shoukat Ali Khuwaja, Brohi Arif Ali, Vlad O. Mihalca, Radu Cătălin Țarcă

This paper presents the design, implementation and characterization of a hardware platform for Fuel Management System (FMS) for fuel carrying vehicles. The primary design goal is to devise a system capable of monitoring the fuel level in real time. This system is proposed for fuel carrying road tankers which carry fuel from oil depots to end users such as petrol-stations. This system is based on hardware as well as software. The hardware part consists of fuel level circuits, on-board Arduino, GSM and GPS modules. While the software part consists of LabView for Database purposes. This system offers an Automatic Electronic System (AES) which replaces manual monitoring of fuel. This system measures fuel volume and sends measured volume to the owner’s mobile as well as owner’s computer through GSM network. It also provides a technique for detecting theft or fraud incidents in case of fuel theft or fuel leakage. Additionally the system can track the location of each fuel carrying tanker in order to locate the place of any incident that could have occurred. This system allows for an automated analysis and monitoring of fuel level, having a reduced cost due to affordable and easy-to-acquire electronic components.

fuel tank monitoring, tracking, theft

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"