A multi-criteria decision making approach in lighting technology selection for a production hall


Maria Cristea, Radu Adrian Tîrnovan, Ciprian Cristea, Constantin Sorin Pică,,,

Nowadays, lighting industry can contribute to a more sustainable future, by reducing the total consumption of electrical energy used to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces. Thus, lighting system design is one of the important components when thinking about building sustainability. Taking into account the final purpose of the lighting installation (the type of human activity that will take place in the indoor space for which lighting is to be provided), the most suitable lighting technologies are selected considering their characteristics, dimensions, and technical specification. The paper presents how a lighting technology selection for a production hall using a multi-criteria decision making approach. There are considered the most common luminaires and lamps which can assure the illuminance necessary for the hall, which represent the variants, evaluated against several criteria, considering the decision maker’s preferences and constraints. The variants are ranked according to their performance for each criterion. The optimal lighting solution obtained after the simulation experiment suggests that ELECTRE III method is a practical decision-making model that can be considered for this type of decisions.

lighting, production hall

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"