Education and training in Romania on occupational safety and health in the offshore industry


Mariana Ratiu, Corina Suteu, Ioan-Florin Oarga

This paper is the result of a study on the current situation in Romania regarding education and training on the occupational safety and health in the offshore industry. This study was conducted within a European project, which, among other things, has as intellectual outputs, identifying the main requirements related to learning needs and competencies and identifying the similar safety and health training courses for offshore industry at European level. Romania has transposed the European Union legislation in the area of minimum requirements for the safety and health of workers in the offshore industry and has an adequate institutional framework aligned to the Community requirements in the field. In Romania, there are no special occupations and explicit requirements for occupational safety and health specialists in the offshore industry. But, there are some training centers, which offer theoretical and practical courses regarding safety and health for those graduates or professionals who wish to pursue a professional career in the offshore industry. Also, some universities provide diplomas, courses or training related to the offshore industry.

occupational safety, offshore

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"