The comparative study of the static friction coefficient between chain link and different types of polyamides


Radu Papuc, Mihai-Tiberiu Lates

This paper has as scope the comparative analysis of the experimental study of the static friction coefficients between the chain links and two guide types (segments cut from the tensioning guide of the transmission chain used in combustion engines). Basically, this study will be performed for the contact between steel and different types of polyamides PA46 and PA66, using two tribometers. In the first stage there will be presented the tribometers, devices and work methods followed by the tests results. The next stage presents with the help of finite element analysis the contact pressure variation and displacements distribution. At the end of the paper there are presented the conclusions of the tests performed on the two tribometers.

friction, chain link, polyamides

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"