Study on the degree of use and knowledge of digital marketing elements in Romanian small and medium enterprises


Răzvan Mihai Dobrescu, Cristina Petronela Simion, Iuliana Grecu, Cristian Aurelian Popescu

This paper aims to identify digital marketing elements, to analyze and to study the industry’s degree of knowledge regarding digital marketing, as well as the degree of use of digital technology in the marketing mix of small and medium enterprises(SME’s) in Romania. First of all, the basic concepts of digital marketing will be defined and analyzed: e-bussines, e-commerce and e-marketing, and then, in order to identify the degree of knowledge of these elements as well as the degree of use in the promotion process, a statistical research was carried out which had the following objectives: to determine the degree to which SMEs in Romania know the concepts of digital marketing; to identify whether these organizations have developed digital marketing strategies; to identify whether there are people or groups of people who are responsible for digital marketing activities at the organization level.

digital marketing, small and medium enterprises

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"