Mechatronical system used for the recovery of motor functions


Roxana AndreiaČ™, Daniela Mariana Barbu

Robotics of medical recovery represent a subject of great interest among various research centers that are trying to develop different complex systems dedicated to the recovery of motor functions through fulfilling the required tasks imposed by applied therapy programs. In order to implement the concept of "robotical therapy" it is required to use a robotic system specially designed to adhere to medical protocols and to meet the requirements of therapeutic exercises by programming the command and control unit. This paper is in the field of mechatronic systems used in medicine because the purpose of this kind of equipment is to help patients who underwent surgery in the lower limbs regain the mobility of the affected joints as soon as possible. The proposed objective is to improve an exising concept so that a patient may be able to use it in the comfort of their own house, but still being 24/7 monitorized using various sensors and even being able to contact medical care assistance in case of emergency.

mechatronics, motor functions

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"