Three phase induction motor modelling and control using vector control in LabVIEW


Wadee Khoury, Aram Nasser, Péter Tamás Szemes

In this paper, a speed control system for a three-phase induction motor was modelled and designed within LabVIEW software environment. After structuring the dynamical model of the motor, a current controller was developed to stabilize the system and avoid a wind-up situation. Then, a speed controller was designed, using PID and Field Weakening techniques, to generate the reference current values. The field-weakening algorithm is used to achieve stability at speeds that are higher than the nominal one. An estimator is used to calculate the flux angle and the electro-mechanical speed of the motor. As a result, the system achieved the desired speed with good transient and steady state responses. In addition, the system proved to be robust when the torque load is applied in all cases.

induction motor, vector control, LabVIEW

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"