Parametric study of air-cooled TEG heat exchanger design for waste heat recovery in heavy-duty vehicle


NV Burnete, F Mariasiu, D Moldovanu, N Burnete, D Capata, B Jurchis

Volume XXX, 2021/2

This study focuses on the influence of different heat exchanger (HX) design parameters like the fin height, fin number, and fin thickness on the performance of an air-cooled exhaust gas thermoelectric generator (TEG). The TEG is considered to be installed on a heavy-duty truck traveling at 85 km/h on the highway thus ensuring the required cooling air for the cold side HX. It was found that the number of fins has the highest influence on the amount of extracted heat and power output of the system, but it also negatively affects the pressure drop. Increasing the fin height improves the pressure drop, but the performance increase is limited.

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"