Finite Element Analysis of the main stresses in Gamma Rod Osteosynthesis


I G Radu, E Vultur, C N Drugă

Volume XXX, 2021/2

The paper presents the results obtained within the Finite Element Analysis of the Gamma rod, used to treat unstable fractures at the intertrohanteric and subtrohanteric level. Trochanteric fractures are a very common type of fracture found worldwide in both young and old people. The paper presents the main stages of the FEA, starting with the creation of the CAD model of the Gamma rod and ending with the Von Mises voltage field, for two of the most used titanium alloys used in the manufacture of rods (Ti-6AI-4V and Ti-6AI-7Nb). Finally, a series of conclusions are presented regarding the advantages of using Gamma rods in treating certain fractures at the trochanteric level.

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"