Research of the influence of axial displacement on the wear of hob milling tools


B Sovilj, I Sovilj-Nikić, S Sovilj-Nikić, V Blanuša

Volume XXX, 2021/2

The need to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness of gear cutting of cylindrical gears with oblique teeth creates favorable conditions for the development of research in the field of tribology and the increasing application of tribological knowledge in industrial practice. Improving the gear cutting process by hob milling is important and useful for both gear manufacturers and hob milling tools manufacturers. Increasing productivity and increasing of the quality of serration are the basic directions of improving the process of gear cutting by hob milling. Technological parameters significantly affect the wear of cutters and taking into account the parameters for defining the economy of the process affect the achievement of optimal parameters of the cutting regimes.

ISSN 1583-0691, CNCSIS "Clasa B+"