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Micromodel HURO/0802/100


Unwanted results of the spread of the industrial activities are the pollution of both the soil and the ground-water, which also have huge effect on the health of the human-beings all over the word. It is know that the polluted ground-waters and the soil-gases contaminated with volatile compounds are harmful to the health. Today there are no modelling systems which can evaluate and systematize the huge amount of data from the microbiological processes of the contaminated soil.

The leader partner of this project is the Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research for Biotechnology. It has been working on the background of bioremediation and with the analysis of it on basic and applied levels. The result, so far, have showed that the foundation`s biotechnological toolkit is not enough alone to find out more about these processes. Bioinformatics and mathematical knowledge is needed to do so. In this project the University of Oradea, Romania has the knowledge with which such a data collection and processing system can be realized which permit the realization of real environmental model systems. The consortium, aiming at the realization of the project, is based on the cooperation of an independent research institute and university group. The consortium is lead by the LP.

In order to realize the task each member of the consortium deputes a project-leader to the Project Steering Committee, who ensure the cooperation with regard to all field between the research leaders of each consortium.


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