Education engineering institutions are environments based on the ideas exchange and knowledge transfer. However, these institutions are confronted today with important challenges, and they have to recognize and respond to the provocation of the knowledge society.

The heterogeneity of knowledge production, the globalization of education, the diverse expectations on learning and research, as well as the rapid changes of technology provide universities with new demands and their traditional role as knowledge supplier is changing. Fundamental is the way in which engineering education institutions can adapt and act fast enough to keep pace with the changes, and knowledge management may offer a response at the challenges of knowledge society.

The higher education institutions, and particularly the technical ones, seem to be well-prepared to adopt the knowledge management, as they are work environments deeply focusing on knowledge transfer. Although the idea that knowledge management can help creating technical universities which have the continuous ability to develop the existent resources and create new capabilities in a dynamic and complex society, may be very challenging, in our country there very few records of researches in this field.

Within this context, the project get together in a consortium researchers from universities in Oradea, Bucuresti, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and an economical-social research institute, which are in agreement to share their competences and knowledge, in order to develop an environment based on knowledge management in engineering education

The accomplishment of the project will have an important impact on the engineering education institutions, and will prove that these organizations are capable to manage their knowledge in order to improve their effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness by research acceleration, teaching focusing, better access to expertise and greater return from the academic and operational knowledge.