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BIOETHANOL HURO/1001/121/2.2.2.


Project manager, Biochemistry expertCărăban Alina Maria
Financial Manager Expert, Sensor expertŢarcă Ioan
Software expertVesselenyi Tiberiu
Sensor expertŢarcă Radu Cătălin
Expert in PhysicsFilip Sanda
Expert in PhysiscsToderas Monica
Expert in PhysiscsMacocian Eugen Victor
Expert in ChemistryBungău Simona
Expert in ChemistryBadea Gabriela Elena
Expert in ChemistryBota Sanda Rodica
Expert in ChemistryStanasel Oana Delia
Expert in ChemistryPopa Vasilica
Software expertCsokmai Lehel
Software expertTarcă Naiana Nicoleta
Visibility expertAlbu Adina Victoria
Acquisition expertRotoiu Sorin
Internal expertSasca Odeta
Law ExpertBărui Adrian
Project assistantHatvani Nóra
Finance managerCsiszár Erika
Expert in Bioethanol productionDergez Ágnes Karolina
Expert in MicrobiologyKesserű Péter
Molecular biologistSzameczne Rutkai Edit
AnalystKiss Julianna Judit
AnalystKoós Ákos
ResearcherPortörő Péter Balázs
Internal expertAnna Maria Kiss
PhD studentFüvesi Hajnalka
PhD studentPéter Antal
TechnicianMrs. Bánfalvi Szabolcs
TechnicianMrs. Homolya Liptai Terézia
Labor assistantMrs. Szilágyi Lajos


The project A new method and system for real time fermentation process monitoring HURO 1001/121/2.2.2 BIOETHANOL is implemented under the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 (www.huro-cbc.eu), and is part-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, Hungary and Romania. The programme aims to bring the different actors - people, economic actors and communities - closer to each other, in order to better exploit opportunities offered by the joint development of the border area.
HURO Hungary-Romania
Cross-Border Co-operation
Programme 2007-2013
European Union
European Regional Development Fund
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