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MECHA HURO/0901/179/2.3.1

Activities and project results

1. Preparation activities
The team realized all the preparation activities and submitted the Application Form and all necessary documentation for the approval of the project Cross-border Development and Implementation of a Master Program in Advanced Mechatronics Systems HU-RO MECHA HU-RO/0901/179.
2. Project management :
The main task related to the management activity at both partners where related to the coordination of the work necessary to finalize the books (course books and laboratory handbooks). Also the management team prepared all the necessary forms needed for applicants to the Msc program. The management team held several meeting in order to coordinate the activities of the project. Main problems discussed where related to obtaining ISSN and ISBN numbers for the books, coordination of course content in order to avoid overlapping subjects and review of the project indicators and degree of fulfillment. The management team also worked on coordinating the activities related to the visibility actions.
Main list of activities undertaken by the management team:
2.1. Preparation, implementation, coordination and project management and contracting activities, as required by law - finalized
2.2. Preparing the framework for achieving self-assessment in the accreditation documentation and coordination of this activity - finalized
2.3. Preparing and coordinating the activity of making learning materials - finalized
2.4. Tracking performance of the activities of vision and organizing events - finalized
2.5. Tracking and reporting the activities.
2.6. Concluding, monitoring and project evaluation
3. Communication activities :
3.1. HURO/0901/179 Workshop - 27.05.2011 (link)
3.2. HURO/0901/179 Open day - 30.05.2011 (link)
3.3. HURO/0901/179 Workshop - 30.01.2012 (link)
3.4 . HURO/0901/179 Open day - 25.01.2011 (link)
3.5. HURO/0901/179 Workshop - 13-14.10.2011 (link)
3.6. HURO/0901/179 Open day - 19.01.2012 (link)
Newspaper announcements link
- 4 workshop, 4 Open Day
4. Advanced Mechatronics Systems master approvement documentation :
- Curricula - link
- Syllabus - link
- AMS MsC approval - The AMS master program has been approved by the Romanian Ministry of Education. The program has started on the 01.10.2012 with 21 students.
5. Making courses and laboratory handbooks (bibliographic material) :
- Making courses and laboratory handbooks -26 courses and laboratory handbooks have been realized
- Translation of the courses and laboratory handbooks-26 courses and laboratory handbooks have been translated in English.
- Printing --26 courses and laboratory handbooks have been printed (link f isier Book covers.pdf)
- Uploading on the project platform - all the books have been uploaded to the platform (link)
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