Oradea Debrecen
Two countries, one goal,
joint success!
MECHA HURO/0901/179/2.3.1

Project time sheet

2009 June: the project idea has emerged
2009 September: shaping the idea project
2009 October-December: project fill-in
2010 January: Sending the project to VATI
2010 June: Project approval
2011 January : Subsidy Contract signing
2011 February: Project starting - implementation
10th of May 2011 - AMS master program Self Assessment was finalized
27th of Mai 2011 - workshop (RO)
May 2011 - acquisitions (RO - HU)
30th of May 2011 - Open Day (RO)
3rd of June 2011 - sending the AMS master program Self Assessment to ARACIS
26th of July - visits of the ARACIS experts
22th of September - AMS master program ARACIS validation
1st of October 2011 - AMS master program has been accredited (Romanian Government Decision no. 697bis/01.10.2011)
December 2011 - courses and laboratory handbooks finalizing (RO - HU)
December 2011 - courses platform will be made operational (RO)
January 2012 - finalizing the courses and laboratory handbooks translation (RO - HU)
January 2012 - publishing the courses and laboratory handbooks (RO - HU)
January 2012 - Finalizing Project Conference (RO - HU)
1st of October 2012 - Starting the AMS master program
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European Regional Development Fund
Cross-Border Co-operation
Programme 2007-2013
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